Virtual Reality is back: Meet Oculus Rift

A visit to AKQA, an award winning digital agency, gave me the chance to visit their room of toys interesting and new technology and a chance to try out Oculus Rift , the next generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming. It was awesome. I started my digital journey in 1993 when Virtual Reality

Oct 11, 2013 Admin

McKinsey’s latest report CEO’s engagement with Digital

McKinsey have released this really interesting report on how companies are taking up Digital and what importance it is given within the organisation. Anyone who works in Digital over the last 10 years like I have has most likely experienced at some point in their career the struggle trying to get senior management to understand

Aug 15, 2013 Admin

Playing the game

With new online business models disrupting the norm and in some cases putting traditional players out of the game (HMV, Blockbusters,), what can we learn from online industries? I wanted to write about the Games industry particularly for two reasons: Some industries have found it hard to adapt to the online world but that certainly

Jul 30, 2013 Admin

A Pop-up TechLab

Our team were asked to organise a workshop at the annual staff conference at Comic Relief and so I put forward the idea of a Pop-up Technology Lab to showcase some of the interesting technology of the day and to inspire ideas across the organisation.  Between us we contacted various organisations and managed to put

Jul 25, 2013 Admin

Open Source Not For Profit Space rockets

Ever since Colonel Chris Hadfield chronicled life at the helm of the International Space Station on Facebook in March I have had this rekindled excitement about space and what’s possible. From his unique position he posted photographs of various parts of the earth for all to see, and shared with his fans what life was

Jul 25, 2013 Admin

Internet of Things

Between my rekindled love of baking and the habitual weekend poached eggs on toast, I seem to struggle to keep on top of my egg purchasing. Bring on the Eggminder. It’s a useful device that lets you know how many eggs you have left in your fridge and how fresh they are when you’re in

Jul 18, 2013 Admin

Google One Today – Is this the future of mobile giving?

The invite-only policy has now been lifted on Google’s One Today charity Android App in the US. If you’ve not already heard about it, Google One Today aims to get people donating $1 a day to different organisations. By sharing on their Google+ feed, their friends can then choose to match the donations made. Each

Jul 16, 2013 Admin

Is 2013 the year Second Screen gets serious?

Second screening is nothing new – I’ve been watching TV and surfing the web since 1994 – granted back then it was because pages took so long to load! However, using second screens while watching television is a part of our everyday lives. In a study by Neilson, 40% of smartphone owners and 41% of

Jul 03, 2013 Admin

Trendwatch: Crowdfunding

Business today consists in persuading crowds. (TS Eliot) The rise of crowdfunding captured the attention of the media in 2012, with huge successes such as the Pebble Watch, the Tesla Museum or the Karen Klein Bus Monitor. Sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Kiva were making headline news and paving the way for thousands of projects

Jul 03, 2013 Admin
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